FELIX TOURS: Canadian travel and tours company FELIX TOURS: Canadian travel and tours company

About Us

At Felix Tours we believe that life is more fulfilling and exciting for people, who are curious and love to explore places.

We have discovered that memorable, fabulous experiences may come from visiting far-away exotic destinations and also, surprisingly, while exploring your ‘own neighborhoods’.
It is all depend on how you look and who you keep company with!

We do:

  • Provide Tours with the Difference, led by knowledgeable guides, who inspire, entertain and delight audiences of all ages, for small (3 to 20 people) or private family groups.
  • Conduct Step-on Guide services on request of DMC & Tour Operators in the city of Toronto, Niagara Region and also act as tour directors on long haul tours in Canada & USA (in English and Russian languages)
  • Prepare detailed programs for self-guided trips to clients, who wish to travel on their own, while benefiting from our experience. Such programs include itineraries, maps, and lists of recommended accommodations, attractions, restaurants and events to explore.
  • Guide thematic walks (cultural or historic subjects), prepared by us, in the city of Toronto and natural hikes along picturesque trails of Ontario (etc. Bruce Trail, Oakridge Moraine Trail, Credit River Valley Trail)

We do not:

  • Act as travel agency
  • Sell airline and rail tickets, vacation resort packages, boat cruises, and bus tours of other companies.


Share our belief and extensive tourism experience with interested travelers for our mutual satisfaction and enjoinment.

So, leave the ordinary to others, and enjoy our Tours & Programs with a Difference.