FELIX TOURS: Canadian travel and tours company FELIX TOURS: Canadian travel and tours company

Terms & Conditions

COMFORT STOPS: We stop every 1½ – 2 hours to stretch your legs, have a meal when appropriate, or just get some fresh air. Our healthy approach to comfort stops also includes an offer of complimentary bottled water.

1 day tours: 3-4 days prior to the date of a tour Felix Tours representative will notify the group about pick-up time & location.
Full payment for a daytrip is paid by client on the day of the tour.
In case a 1 day tour involves a cultural event, such as concert or theatre performance, when tickets have to be ordered a month prior to the event, client has to pay full amount at the time of booking.
Multi day tours: Clients have to pay a deposit at the time of booking and receive confirmation of payment at this time. Upon receiving your final payment a full receipt is generated, which may indicate some conditions. A week prior to departure, the itinerary of tour is sent by e-Mail with contact details for hotels, departure & return info, emergency contact. In case the Client does not have e-Mail address, or the e-Mail message is rejected for any reason, all efforts would be made to contact the Client by Phone.

GRATUITIES: Tips to waiters, taxi drivers, step-on guides, tour directors and drivers are a tangible way for you to show your appreciation. This practice, though customary, is voluntary, and is not included in the tour price, and it is best handled on a personal basis. We suggest the following:
Waiters – Between 15-20% of your bill (before tax)
Tour Directors and Step-on Guides – Between $3 and $4 per person per day
Drivers – Between $2 and $3 per person per day

INSURANCE: Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Trip cancellation insurance protects the investment you’ve made in your trip from the time you pay until you’ve actually departed, a period during which your payment is non-refundable. Travel medical insurance pays for emergency services while you are away from home, and provides much needed emergency medical assistance while out of the province.

SENSITIVITY TO FRAGRANCES: Please refrain from spraying cologne or perfume, or eating foods with a smell (oranges, bananas) in the motor coach or other group transportation vehicle.

TRAVEL TEAM: Thank you for choosing to travel with Felix Tours / Happy Voyages.