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At Felix Tours-Happy Voyages we, Canadian Tour-Guiding Company, are focusing our tour programs on Canada & United States and catering mainly to a Russian speaking clients. We do understand that historically these two countries were build by European and Asian immigrants, who came here for a better live. Therefore for people living in Canada & United States, is important to learn about European countries: their history, traditions and landmarks. And best way to learn about it is to travel to these countries.

Since Felix Tours-Happy Voyages cannot be everywhere all the time, we constantly looking for partners in Europe. And as Russian proverb says: “Who looks – always finds it”.
At the present time we have a few companies that help us to organize and provide European programs for tourists, who prefer Russian language tours. They are located in the heart of Europe and have a proven track record of quality service by professional tourist guides, who make your visit memorable and comfortable.

Our selected partners in Europe are able to provide service by our standards:

  • Unique and different tours with active itineraries
  • Knowledgeable and informative tourist guides
  • Entertaining and humorous presentation

So these companies are up to the task and, we are glad to recommend their services to you. We can send people to join group tours, which start in Europe. And for these people we will help to coordinate schedule and programs. We also able to prepare itineraries and organization for someone, who would like to travel independently, yet with a guidance of our experience.